On returning to Facebook (and, did they really delete my data?)

So I’ve been back on Facebook for a few days. Comments:

I haven’t engaged with it much, at least not for reading/writing updates. This is as I’m yet to Implement My Plan: I shall make two lists, one for ‘people whose updates I’d really like to read’, one for ‘people to whom I’m happy to broadcast my updates’. The former list is what I’ll probably skim once a day, the latter of course is my filter. Until those lists exist, I don’t find Facebook very usable as a tool for reading or writing updates within my network of contacts.

(I find it slightly strange blogging about this, as of course anyone can read this post, and so Facebook friends who don’t see material from me may consequently feel offended. Well, I guess I’ll cross bridges as I come to them!)

I have used Facebook to exchange messages with a few people. Personally, I far prefer email (it’s non-proprietary; it’s more secure; I can write offline)… but lots of people initiate messages from Facebook. I can see why, I think: it’s convenient, you don’t have to remember someone’s email address.

I have used Facebook to re-initiate conversation with the friend I mentioned in a previous post, the person who is important and yet for whom I only had Facebook as a contact mechanism. I’ve been really glad to re-establish that connection.

Although I didn’t plan to wipe the previous account, that happened, and I’m not totally bothered by it: I’m down to 55 Facebook contacts at the moment, and that’s kind of nice. I didn’t have the heartache of defriending many people!

I do suspect that Facebook have figured out who I am — by which I mean, kept data on my old account and linked it internally with the new account. Why? Well, they’re suggesting I may know a person I was friends with last time, but with whom I share no mutual friends… so why else would they suggest her? Dodgy!


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  1. Posted by Colin W on August 3, 2011 at 18:29

    They’d suggest her because she did a “give facebook your email password to find friends” thing and it found and stored your email and made the link when you re-signed up? I’ve had people appear in my suggestions who I have emailed but had no social network contact with…


  2. On that last point – is it possible that person had you in their email contact list? I’ve had suggestions for all sorts of people (most surprisingly members of my extended family, with whom I don’t share a surname…), and I concluded they’d been idiotic enough to upload their address book to facebook and it was busily making connections on the basis of that.


  3. I didn’t see Colin W’s reply before I posted mine – I think we have a common theme here 😉


  4. Thanks both — I guess that could be it. It’s a woman I corresponded with over ten years ago, I’m not certain she has any of my current email addresses… but it does make sense as an explanation!


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