Diaspora: give me a week or two :)

Five days ago I posted some initial reactions to Google+. Today, I find myself a member of Diaspora! The community is still in alpha, let alone beta, so I’m going to find it very tough to weigh up in comparison to Google+’s beta which is heavily populated with my technology- and academically-oriented colleagues.

Additionally, today is the first day of the Web Science summer school! As such, I’m not going to have enough time to properly explore Diaspora until my return to Eindhoven (plus a week to allow for recovery / catching up time 😉 ).

So this post is mostly a “watch this space” for further comment.

One other thing, though: brace for lots of posts from the Web Sci summer school. (One morning in and I already have thoughts for at least three posts…) My updates will be quick-and-dirty as it’s a packed schedule, so please forgive that — it’s “quick and dirty” or “not for weeks” I’m afraid!


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