Tuesdays with Morrie

I befriended a woman in a youth hostel during a visit to Portugal, and she recommended this book: of course, it’s really well-known, but it was new to me. (So, this short review is just one more on top of what must be hundreds of others!)

The book tells the tale of the author meeting up with his old mentor, Morrie, as the latter comes towards the end of his life. They talk about all sorts of things: emotions and family, life and death, ageing and society. In parallel with relating this final stretch of time together, the author includes snippets of his life as a student, when he first met Morrie. We also see his current, breakneck pace of life begin to slow as he starts to reflect on what is important to him.

This book ran a pretty high risk of being schmalzy, and I’m sure some readers feel it over-did things. I found it a pleasant holiday read: it didn’t open my eyes to previously unseen secrets of life, but it was most certainly a good prompt for reflecting on what is valuable to me, and whether that is reflected in the choices I make about how I spend my time. I think there was some thoroughly sensible stuff in there, such as discussions about contributing to communities and the description about drawing on Buddhist approaches towards feeling emotions yet being able to detach from them.

In summary,  I didn’t find it life-changing, but it was a very readable book which reiterates some pretty sound life lessons.

(Available on Amazon.)


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