The next while is especially busy, even by Clare Standards.

The first half of this month is flying by with two conferences — my two favourite conferences, in fact! Hypertext’11 is happening on my doorstep in Eindhoven next week, and is swiftly followed by WebSci’11 in Koblenz, Germany. I get a couple of quiet weeks after that, before heading to Ireland for a WebSci summer school in Galway.

I then have a couple of weeks-long trips to the UK around the end of July and start of August. During the two trips I will attend two weddings, one conference, and my own graduation. I’ll also squeeze in a quick trip to Scotland!

My only other confirmed work-based travel will be at the end of August, when I head to Stockholm to present a workshop paper at MobileHCI. (There are one or two other possibilities: for example, I may be attending Interact in Lisbon, if enough people sign up for my TAPT tutorial.)

Of course, I’ll also be attending DESIRE’11, a conference on creativity and innovation in design, in October — I’m Comms chair for that. Given my current travel plans, I’m very glad it’s in Eindhoven…


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